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GPHS Scheduling Night Presentation & Resources

Fri, 01/05/2024 - 7:33am

GPHS Scheduling Night Presentation

Thank you to all those parents and students who attended our scheduling night event on Thursday, January 4th. The slides from the event and additional scheduling resources are available below:

Scheduling Night Presentation

Additional Information related to scheduling that was posted to the Student Canvas Community page:

The time for students to start to plan for next year is here! The course requests window will open in Synergy on December 18 through January 16. Please see the information posted on the HCPSS website about High School Course Registration

Please note, the course selection process is not first come first serve - students should enter their course requests by the January 16 deadline, and all students will have the opportunity to review and fine-tune their course requests with their school counselor in the following month. 

The staff has a comprehensive program to support our students and families during this time. Here is an overview of the supports we have in place.


HCPSS Course Registration Presentation - Reviewed with students in classes in December

GPHS Course List - It is a list of courses we have focused on, but you still have access to the entire catalog of courses to research. Please use your teachers and school counselors to answer questions about classes and programs of study.  

Slide Deck of GPHS Electives - This slide deck was created by GPHS Teachers to highlight a few courses in the catalog. Speak with your teacher or school counselor if you have any questions.

Elective Fair during Period 4 Lunch Shifts on January 5

Course Planning Lessons taught by School Counselors or our Career Readiness Advisor (CRA) through English classes (English 10 - December 19 and 20; English 9 - January 8 and 9)

Individual appointments between school counselors and students (January 23 - February 14)


Encourage and expect your student to take the lead in their academic planning and have conversations at home. Encourage exploration to help them discover and develop their interests and abilities - ALL CLASSES, in some way, provide opportunities for your student to practice problem solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. 

Read and discuss the emails and messages that are sent regarding high school opportunities, events, and information.

Utilize the resources available to you in the Course Registration Resources Module within the GPHS Student Resources Canvas course. These will be reviewed during the course planning lesson. 

Reach out to your GPHS School Counselors with any specific questions:

Last names A-G Mrs. Hoyt

Last names H-O Mrs. Wade

Last names P-Z Mrs. Miles